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The End of Two Summers

Today is the first day of school in our family.  As such, it marks the end of summer.  By 7:15 AM, both of our kids were out of the house.  As our kids are now both out of elementary school, this was the first year that we didn't bring anyone to a bus stop.  They insist on walking there themselves now.  So, it was awfully quiet at 7:15 AM.

Rather than the end of one summer, this felt like the end of two summers.  During the summer, I stick mostly to a regular work schedule, of course.  I continue to get up at 5 AM to work out before my morning meetings and phone calls.  However, my wife and kids sleep late.  They have summer activities, but generally nothing that starts too early.  And, my kids have become night owls, often staying up later than my wife and I.  My wife and kids were having one summer, with a very flexible schedule.  I had my own summer, on a more typical schedule, with a bit more free time.

There were many days this summer when I was up at 5 and my family would be up at 9:30, 10 or 11 (ah, being a teenager).  I ended up getting an office outside my house so I wouldn't bother my family while I worked in the morning.  Since I was up early, I was also tired before everyone else at night.  I have had a great summer and played much more tennis and went on more bike rides than previous years.  But, I was still working.  And, my family was mostly on a vacation schedule.

During the past week (and through the Labor Day weekend), my family started to shift their schedule.  They were dreading having to get up a 6 AM today to be ready in time to go to school at 6:45 and 7:15 AM.  We all ended up getting up early through the weekend so that today wouldn't be such a shock to the system.  It didn't seem too bad to me, but it was tough on them.  It worked, however.  They made it up and out today without incident.

Now, my wife is out early, too, gearing up her usual school year volunteering.  And, I'm working at home where it is empty and quiet.


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