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Sling Customer Service Doing Something Right

I wrote recently about my recent customer experience hassles with DirecTV and Dell.  Bruce Temkin of Forrester is leading the charge on improving customer experience, but I am an ardent follower.

I wish I had more positive experiences to point out.  Unfortunately, I couldn't think of much.  The best customer experience I have had recently was when I was dealing with a technical issue with my original Slingbox Classic from Sling Media.

I had upgraded satellite receiver and found that the Slingbox couldn't control this new box properly.  I consulted the active Slingbox online community, but my first problem didn't seem to match anything there.  I called Sling support.  The person on the phone was pretty junior, but did help me identify that my infrared cable was bad.  Although this unit was years out of the warranty period, they sent me a new one for free.

When I got the new cable, I still had problems.  The online community included information about someone else having the same problem I did.  They had a very old Slingbox, like mine.  They were told that these original units had an IR chip problem that was changed.  This problem kept it from controlling the new sat receiver.  I called Sling support.  I had to struggle for a bit to convince the tech that I knew what I was talking about.  I got the support person to go onto the Sling community site and showed him the post about my issue.  He had never heard of this, but could now check very quickly.  They ended up swapping out my old Slingbox for a new one, again at no charge.

I liked the fact that the Sling techs actively accessed the online community, and sometimes participated directly.  This made them more efficient in solving my problem.  And, the no charge swaps were very much appreciated.

Sling was recently bought by Echostar, the owners of the Dish Network.  I hope that their responsive support doesn't get diluted in the future.

What vendors have done a great (or poor) job with customer experience for you?


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