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Geez, are the Patriots cheaters, too?

According to ESPN, the NFL Commissioner has determined that the Patriots did indeed violate league rules about videotaping opposing coaches signals.  The idea is that they could figure out the signalling methods and take advantage of knowing what defense was being called.  The league had sent out a stern warning about this before the season.

The Patriots will have their chance to plead their case, but if this is all true, they should be ashamed.  It is an insult to their great players if they have stooped this low.  Although I am a huge Pats fan, they would deserve harsh punishment, including losing multiple draft picks, if this is indeed true.

Too much cheating in sports nowadays.  I was giving the Patriots the benefit of the doubt on this issue, but it seems like they let me down.


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Talking about cheating in sports, the Mclaren Formula One team was just penalized for being in possession of some documents from another team that a disgruntled employee had passed on, without turning them in. They were fined 100 MILLION dollars and disqualified from this year's constructor's championship (although their drivers are still competing for individual driver's championship). Now that is serious punishment. The link explains the punishment and (briefly) the details.

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