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Will Web Entrepreneurs Stay in Boston?

Scott Kirsner wrote about the Y Combinator event today in Cambridge.  I wasn't there, but I've been to similar events.

Scott pointed out that several of the entrepreneurs planned to move to Silicon Valley to get funded.

Now the bad news... several of the enterpreneurs I talked to who have connections to the Boston area are planning to move their companies out west. The Y Combinator network is perceived to be stronger out in the Valley (the firm does a winter program in Mountain View). The VCs more adventurous. The partnership opportunities more plentiful. The potential for generating buzz better.

Is it hopeless to think about trying to change some of these dynamics?

I think that the only way that this trend changes is if the VCs start backing some first-time entrepreneurs in this segment.  The VCs are going to have to roll up their sleeves to find some business talent to help get the companies going.  The VCs are going to have to help the companies get some partnerships done with the Big Guys in Silicon Valley.  But, the payoff will be worth it.  We'll create some 'been there, done that' CEOs and VPs of Marketing who can start and run the next wave of companies.

I've met several interesting entrepreneurs over the past six months who can't get the time of day from Boston VCs but get lots of attention from West Coast VCs.  As Scott said, we need more adventurous VCs to break this cycle.


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