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Scott Kirsner Makes My Point

I wrote previously about how the iPhone was over-hyped.  I thought it was a cool product, but not a must-have.  Today, Scott Kirsner writes about how Cool People have iPhones.  To quote Scott after he lists his iPhone who's who:

None of these people say that the iPhone is very good as a phone, or an e-mail device, or as a Web access device when connected to AT&T's 0.005 G data network. But it's good for two things: surfing the Web when connected to a WiFi network, and showing off to jealous people who don't have an iPhone.

The iPhone is clearly the Rolex watch for techies.

I agree that the Web browser is very cool on the iPhone, making it easy to zoom in and out on Web pages and letting you do landscape or portrait views seamlessly.  But, I can't get used to the keyboard for real mobile email.  Two other things I don't like -- the slow data network and the hard-wired battery.

I am sure that Apple will continue to improve the product, and I may get one eventually.  But, I don't think that it is the 'second coming' type of product that people claim.


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