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OK, Cheney isn't right too often

Earlier this month, I blogged about a video where Dick Cheney, as Secretary of Defense in 1994, correctly assessed all the problems that would occur in Iraq if we had invaded during the first Gulf War.  If he had stuck to such sound analysis, we would not have started the second Gulf War.

Last night, the Colbert Report showed a video of Cheney in 2002, describing how sure he was about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.  The phrase "No Doubt" was hammered home.  Why is it that only Comedy Central has the guts to us how our politicians said one thing before and now say something else?  This seems to be the easiest, most unbiased type of news analysis you can do.  And yet, you rarely hear that in the news media.  They are always onto the next new story, with a short attention span.  I'll take my news from "fake news" any day.


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