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No End In Sight

I heard an interview on NPR's On Point with the Director and Producer of the movie No End In Sight.  If you are feeling a bit short on rage with the Bush Administration, watch the preview of the movie below.  If you want your rage to boil over, listen to the interview on the On Point site.  I haven't seen the movie, but I plan to.

The bottom line from the On Point interview:

In the suburbs of Washington and all around the country today, there's a small army of civilian and military experts and soldiers who did their time in Iraq and are now back, brooding, ashamed and angry.

They are angry about how badly wrong their mission went, about how they might have done it better, but mostly about how virtually all their best ideas and direst warnings were steadfastly ignored by the handful of men who led them.

There was one example cited in movie of a report written on how there would likely be a bloody civil war in the aftermath of invading Iraq.  The report was summarized in a one-page memo.  President Bush never even read the one-page summary.  In fact, according to those cited in the movie, he was disengaged during the first 18 months of the invasion and aftermath.  Hey, it was only a war.  He must have had other things to worry about.



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