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More on Lumpy VC Fund-Raising

VentureBeat has some updated numbers on VC fund-raising.  I agree that you can't read much into these numbers on a year to year basis.  VC funds are raised once every 3-4 years at each firm.  So, the fund-raising can be pretty lumpy.  And, some firms raise very large funds which skew the numbers.  I think it is good that fund-raising has slowed down as there is a lot of money in the market right now chasing VC deals.

As for China, that feels like a bubble to me.  There certainly are plenty of opportunities in China, but the large volume of dollars raised now is mostly late-comers to the market.  As in the Internet bubble, those who got in late lost their shirt.  I don't know if it is already late, but the clock is certainly ticking.


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