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Maybe Bill is the one?

A few days ago, I wrote about my disgust at the government's misuse of power.  I also said I would vote for the first candidate who convinces me that they will lead with strength, peace, and ethics.  Maybe Bill Richardson is that guy.

Thanks to my brother, Chuck, I read this article by Richardson in the Harvard International Review.  It's not a surprise that Richardson is very qualified on foreign policy matters as he is a former UN Representative (as well as former Energy Secretary, Congressman, and current Governor of New Mexico).

The article describes the six trends he sees changing the world:

  • Fanatical jihadism
  • Growing power and sophistication of criminal networks
  • Rapid rise of Asian powers
  • Re-emergence of Russia
  • Global economic interdependence and financial imbalance
  • Globalization of urgent health, environmental, and social problems


Richardson lays out his New Realism approach to foreign folicy:

  • US must repair its alliances
  • US must restore commitment to international law and multilateral cooperation
  • US must be impeccable in its own human rights behavior
  • US must be a leader on environmental issues, including reducing greenhouse gas emmissions and developing and commercializing clean, alternative engery technologies
  • Engage directly with other nations, including Iran and North Korea
  • Focus on real security threats, including building international cooperation to do so
  • Lead the world in opening an ideological front in the ware against jihadism, including living up to our own ideals (no prisoner abuse, torture, secret prisons, and evasion of the Geneva Convention.  Close Guantanamo).  Lots more on this in the article.

I don't know if Richardson can win because politics has become such a money game.  But, I'll be studying him further.  I like what he has to say on the international side, and we have gone so wrong there in the last 7 years.


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Agree -- Governor Bill Richardson stands out from the rest of the field. In fact, Bill R. has run something (the State of New Mexico as Governor). The other leading candidates do not have any experience or legitimacy leading and running an organization. This is why Governors and, less so, Mayors, make for quality candidates in my view.

However, Bill will not win the Democratic nomination for President. Rather, he is VERY likely to be the VP choice of Hillary Clinton. Regrettably, the big mistake is the Democrats will nominate her.

Five key reasons why I see Bill Richardson selected as Hillary's VP candidate:

1) The Clintons owe him. Bill Richardson was the one who, on the hush, found a job for Monica Lewinsky at the United Nations when Richardson was Bill Clinton's Ambassador there. During all the investigations, Richardson refused to divulge all the maneuvering by Bill Clinton to duck responsibility.

2) The Latino and minority vote. Richardson's hispanic ethnicity will be helpful in a national election as the hispanic vote tends to be conservative. Plus, by selecting a hispanic it will minimize the pressure from minorities and others to select Obama as her running mate.

3) He has run something; unlike her! Richardson has been and is well liked and successful governor of New Mexico. His track record is of reducing taxes and reducing government(conservative) which will play well in a national election. This offsets Hillary Clinton's extremist socialist (arguably Marxist) approach for big government and government redistribution.

4) Key Western States. Richardson will help with Arizona and New Mexico and perhaps others. In recent elections, New Mexico is one of those states in which their electoral votes are a toss-up. Their election has been decided by just a few thousand votes.

5) Richardson knows he cannot win, and is already attacking Obama in recent days. He is running for VP. One could cynically say that he has been a Clinton 'robot' for many years and will feel very betrayed if Hillary Clinton does not reward him for his loyalty to Bill Clinton and for not spewing the raw insights into the manipulation, abuse of power, and dishonesty that was Bill Clinton.

Bottom-line, I like Bill Richardson too and would like to see him head the Democratic ticket. However, he won't, which will once again lead to a weak selection by the democrats.

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