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Interview on Intruders.TV

Bruno Langlais interviewed me recently in intruders.tv, a video blog. 

They've had a recent theme about the Boston VC scene and the differences between Boston and Silicon Valley.  Given my 'years of experience', I tried to give a bit of a historical perspective.  I also highlighted two of the start-ups I work with in the Web 2.0 space, Geezeo and Good2gether.  You may have figured out that I am an unabashed shill for the companies I work with!

I like the video blog concept.  You get a lot out of watching the video versus reading an article or even hearing a podcast.  I've never been comfortable watching myself speak, but I've reluctantly gotten used to it.  I hope you like the content, and I'd appreciate seeing your comments here.


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Hi Mike,

I thought you did an excellent job in the video. I appreciated your unvarnished assessment of the Northeastern VC climate. Your discussion of Geezio and Good2gether didn't come off as hucksterish, and your analysis of where things may go in the future seemed cogent.

Nice job. Hope to see more like this.


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