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Heading to the Big Ballpark in the Bronx

My son and I are heading to NYC for the Red Sox/Yankees series on Tuesday through Thursday this week.  When I bought the tickets originally, I had hopes that the Yankees would have continued to narrow the gap with the Red Sox and that the series would be critical for both teams.

But, the Yankees have flattened out lately while the Red Sox have been red hot.  The Red Sox laid a historical whupping on the Chicago White Sox over the weekend.  I'm not surprised that the Red Sox have picked it up.  They have a very good team with strong pitching.

While the Yankees were woefully underachieving for the first two months of the season, they have been very, very hot for the past couple of months.  They were bound to hit a cold spell.  Their pitching isn't as strong as Boston's, but their offense is unbelievable.  Unfortunately, when they don't score 6 or 7 runs, they don't win very often.

The Yankees have one more game with Detroit tonight.  Since Mussina is pitching, I'll be watching with my hands over my eyes.  He's been horrible.  There are rumors of him being sent to AAA!  Not sure if they can do that contractually, unless he agrees.  After that, the Yankees and Red Sox play three in the Bronx.  Like every game, this is a huge series for the Yankees.  They are still very much in the wild card race.  But, I don't think that they can catch Boston, barring a Red Sox collapse (which doesn't seem to be in the cards).

This isn't critical for the Red Sox.  Even if they are swept, they have a multi-game lead over the Yankees.  And, there are great pitching match-ups in the series (Pettite vs. Matsuzaka, Clemens vs. Beckett, Wang vs. Schilling).  The games and series is likely to be close.  And, all the pressure is on the Yankees.

Although the tension won't be as high as it would be if the teams were closer, it's always fun to be in the Bronx for a Red Sox-Yankees series.  Finally, we can wear our Yankees caps with fearlessly!


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