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What's going on in sports?

It's been a long time since I realized that the world of sports isn't full of squeaky-clean heroes.  Sometime when I was a kid, I realized that athletes had all the failings of 'normal' people.  Maybe it was the Fritz Peterson/Mike Kekich family swapping incident in 1972?

But, just in the past week or so, three major scandals have been the latest to burst onto the scene:

Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons quarterback, is in trouble for organizing dog-fighting on his property with grisly stoires of dogs fighting to the death.

Tim Donaghy, NBA referee, is in trouble with the FBI for betting on basketball games, including those where he was the referee!

More cyclists have dropped out of the Tour de France due to blood doping charges.

These stories make the sports pages look more like the police blotter.  Did all this stuff happen before, and we just didn't find out about it?  Or, has all the money involved in sports driven people to compromise their values?

I hope that all the commissioners of these sports come down hard on these folks of they are proven guilty.  It looks like that's happening as Vick is banned from practicing with the Falcons and Donaghy has retired.  But, everyone else needs to know that they will be dealt with strongly if they are caught doing something else like this.

Bring the focus back to the field.  Luckily, the Yankees look like they are going to make me regret my early surrender as they are definitely in the wild card race and still have a shot at the division race.  And, the Patriots start camp this Friday.  I love the Patriots because they don't tolerate any troublemakers these days.  Sports is more fun when you just worry about the results on the field.


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