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iPhone apathy

Several people have expressed surprise that I wasn't one of the first people to buy an iPhone.  I'm certainly interested in the platform, but I'll wait before I buy one.

First, I already have two cell phones.  I have a RAZR on Verizon Wireless that is my primary cell phone.  It's small, works well, and has a decent browser to access information and email.  Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless doesn't have an open network, so I can only access things that Verizon lets me.  This doesn't constrain me too much, but hurts when I want to try out new things.  I mostly keep this phone out of inertia and due to its small form factor.

When I struck out on my own, I decided to buy a Samsung Blackjack on Cingular to have a smartphone which would let me get better email access.  I wanted Cingular in order to have some network diversity and because Cingular has a much more open network than Verizon.  And, I wanted to play with Windows Mobile, which is a highly functional, although quirky, platform.  And, Cingular's XPressMail works pretty well, but is also quirky when using it without a Microsoft Exchange server (it uses software from Seven, which is OK, but not great).

With these two phones, I didn't want a 3rd phone.  I like the idea of the iPhone to integrate the phone and iPod, and I may end up getting one eventually.  But, I also don't like buying the version 1.0 of anything.  There are bound to be bugs, and I'll wait for at least one software update.  I don't have more time to figure out why things don't work.  I also wonder if the iPhone will be good enough for me to get rid of one or both of my existing phones, and/or my iPod.  It has lots of memory, but not as much as my video iPod.  So, it just may be another device to drag around.  I'm not ready for that...


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