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Hey, Venus

I'm not a big tennis fan, nor am I a good tennis player.  But, last night we took in the Boston Lobsters in World Team Tennis.  We went because they played the Philadelphia Freedoms who had Venus Williams playing.  World Team Tennis is small-time pro sports, but they get top players to play a few matches each season.  This was one of the matches that Venus was playing.

Venus Williams

Well, she dominated the field.  And, it was effortless.  You could really appreciate how good she was as she was relaxed calm, and easily dispatched her opponents in all three mini-sets (first to 5 wins).  The rest of the players on both teams were at one level, and Venus was one or two levels above. 

I couldn't really figure out why Venus and other top pros bother to play World Team Tennis.  It can't be the money as this was not a money-making event (small crowd in a small venue, limited TV exposure).  Maybe it's the love of the game, but I am more jaded to believe that.  Venus says in the Globe that she likes being part of a team.  Hmmm.  I bet that she and the other top players view this as practice, and they get paid to do it...


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