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Oh, so that's NBA basketball

As a beleaguered Celtics fan, I thought I would try to figure out what real NBA basketball is.  I started watching the NBA playoffs during the conference finals.  I watched some of the Cleveland - Detroit game last nightLeBron James took over the game, scoring the last 25 and 29 of the last 30 of Cleveland's points.  That included all 18 points that Cleveland scored in the two overtimes.  Cleveland took a 3-2 series lead with this exciting road win.  But, this series has gone exactly the same way that last year's did, when Detroit came back to win the last two games to take the series.

In the West, San Antonio dismantled Utah so quickly that I almost missed it.  Both San Antonio and Detroit are such balanced teams that it is no wonder that they have been the most consistent teams in basketball over the past few years.  They would probably have a very close series if they played each other, although having LeBron James in the finals would be exciting.  He's been banging on the door since last year.

Where does all this leave the Celtics?  Way, way behind.  They have no one with the talent level of a LaBron James or Tim Duncan.  And, they won't be drafting a strong enough player this year to narrow that gap with the number 5 pick.  And, in looking at Detroit and San Antonio, they are packed with smart veteran players.  It will be years before the Celtics kiddie corps gets that level of basketball maturity.

If the Celtics had gotten one of the top two picks, you could imagine them being like Cleveland in a couple of years.  But, on their current course, they seem like they are still several moves away from being a contender over the next few years.


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