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Celtics get older, and hopefully better

I like the Celtics deal for Ray Allen.  I don't think I could handle another season with all young players and Paul Pierce.  I'd rather trade that youth for some veteran talent.  Ray Allen may not be a perfect fit, but it gives us hope.  You can't win without veterans in the NBA.

Now maybe the Celtics can find a way to trade for Andrei Kirilenko without giving up Al Jefferson.  Peter May of the Globe thinks that this is a good fit, too.  His article was written before the draft, but the idea still makes sense to me.  Pierce, Ray Allen, Kirilenko, and Jefferson would be a formidable foursome, with Rondo as point guard and a bunch of young guys coming off the bench (whoever is left after a potentila Kirilenko trade).  Not bad.

By the way, I love the fact that the Celtics have Al (presumably Alan) Jefferson, Tony Allen, Ray Allen, and Allan Ray.  They just need Malik Allen and Allen Iverson to have the all-Alle/an NBA team!


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