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Time to Reverse Another Curse

In 2004, the Red Sox finally reversed the curse by beating the Yankees in dramatic fashion and winning the World Series.  The Yankees haven't recovered, much to my chagrin.

The Celtics have been cursed for more than 20 years, since they won their last championship in 1986.  First, Len Bias died right after he was drafted by the Celtics.  Then, Reggie Lewis died of heart problems in 1993.  Then they were cursed with Rick Pitino as Coach and President from 1997-2001.  Rick may have been a great college and pro coach elsewhere, but he was horrible at the Celtics, churning through talent like Chauncy Billups and making horrible trades.  The current Celtics management, including Danny Ainge, has made the team much younger, but no better.  I give Ainge credit for sticking with his plan, but it was all supposed to get better in this year's NBA draft when the Celtics would get one of two prime picks, Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.

But, the fates gave the Celtics the #5 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery last night.  This was the worst possible outcome for the Celtics given their second worst record last year.  They'll draft a good player (and Ainge has maximized most of his draft picks, although his record in trades is mixed at best).  But, without a top two pick, they don't seem to be in line to get a franchise player.  So, they'll stay young and hope for a better future.  Or, maybe they'll put a trade together for a good veteran who can help somewhat.  Neither path seems like it will really get the team where they need to be in order to compete for a championship.

Too bad the 'Reverse Curve' sign from Storrow Drive that was modified above is gone.  Maybe they need a Reverse The Curse sign on the TD BankNorth Garden.


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