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It was several years ago when my friend, Russ Gocht, started Mobot.  They started with an interesting idea -- have consumers capture images on their cameraphones and use image processing technology to determine what was in the picture.  Then, send the consumer an appropriate marketing message that is tied to what they took the picture of.

Mobot may be a bit ahead of its time, but you have to admire the persistence of the team.  They have found opportunities to deploy their technology and have built up great real-world expertise in deploying innovative mobile applications.  I think that the market is maturing and these types of capabilities will be in greater demand.

Part of the challenge is consumer education.  The graphic above certainly looks and sounds simple enough.  But, who is going to educate consumers about this capability?  That takes time, money, and a compelling reason.  And, what happens if I take a picture of my big toe and send it to Mobot?

It's clear to me that there will be more and more marketing to consumers through their cell phones.  Mobot may be part of that mix.  They're certainly staying close enough to the market to be sure that they have a good shot at it.


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