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Alice Cooper and Terry Gross

This morning, I listened to a podcast of Fresh Air from NPR featuring Alice Cooper.  If you aren't familiar with Terry Gross and her show, Fresh Air, you should check it out.  Terry has been on the air for 20 years and is one of the best interviewers I have every heard.

I was a big Alice Cooper fan as a kid.  I still remember my 7th grade research report on a 'famous person'.  When I told my teacher that I was going to write about Alice Cooper, my teacher said "Who's she?"  That's exactly the reaction Alice was after, of course.  I dutifully researched magazine articles and cut pictures off my copy of the Billion Dollar Babies album.  Alice was huge during the 70s.

In the interview, Alice is amazingly realistic and coherent.  Not bad for an old rocker (and long time sober rocker).  Supposedly, Alice Cooper is now addicted to golf.  Hard to believe.

School's Out!


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