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What's In a Name?

As I've gotten more involved with several companies, I've tried to figure out what to call myself.  Companies are listing me as an Advisor on their presentations, and they have to put down something.  As a title, I've called myself "Investor and Entrepreneur".  That certainly is what I've done, and will likely be some sort description of what I will do.  But, I don't plan to do any angel investing at this time, so I wouldn't want my lack of investment in any of these companies to reflect badly on them.  In reality, I'm a venture capital investor and will be making these types of investments in the future.

As for a Company name, that's been trickier.  I don't have a company.  I've just been working as an individual.  Some people have listed The Fein Line as my company, but it's not.  I like the name as a blog name, but it definitely isn't a company name.  I've always felt that company names need to be more clever (but not cute) and need to be easy to spell correctly.  I like the name of the blog and don't plan to change it.  But, I'll probably have to come up with some company name to better describe what I do.

One new firm name I really like is .406 Ventures.  They should give the derivation of the name on their Web site.  But, the founders told me that, although they aren't necessarily big baseball fans, they like the idea of emulating Ted Williams's hitting approach.  Ted was the last baseball hitter to hit over .400, hitting .406 in 1941.  Ted was selective and focused as a hitter, and was also an American Hero with a distinguished war record in World War II and the Korean War.  Also, as a Boston focused firm, .406 Ventures has a name with a real Boston flavor.

So, it's time to come up with a name that I can use now and in the future to give some personality to what I do.


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