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The Carter Center

For the past couple of days I have attended an Executive Briefing at The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA.  I've been a long-timer supporter of The Carter Center, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

I started supporting the Carter Center shortly after it began.  I was inspired by the fact that President Carter was willing to work on behalf of those less fortunate.  At that time, the ex-Presidents I knew of (Nixon, Ford) mostly played golf.

I continue to support the Carter Center because I am in total agreement with its mission -- Wage Peace, Fight Disease, Build Hope.  On the Peace Front, President Carter has a long history of mediating disputes and monitoring elections.  I am happy to see that they are working closely with the Chinese government to help them figure out how to transition to a democracy.  I see this area as one with long-term risk to the world.

On the health front, the results are stunning.  They started by tackling some of the Woirld Health Organization's Neglected Diseases.  These diseases were not tackled previously because they were considered very difficult to combat.  The biggest issue is that treatments have to be brought to the most remote villages of Africa.  The progress has been fantastic.  Check out this video, Carter vs. the worms.

The Carter Center is very efficient.  89% of the funds they raise go to programs, with only 5% for administration and 6% for fund-raising.  And, the staff are very dedicated.

Regardless of what you thought of Carter as a President, take a look at what the Carter Center has done.  Both President and Mrs. Carter have been absolutely inspirational in their commitment to making the world a better place, particularly for those who have it the worst.

If you are inclined to support The Carter Center, you can donate online here.  By the way, if you were upset about President Carter's last book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, you may be interested in this discussion with Madeline Albright.  I think that President Carter caught a lot of flack for the choice of the word Apartheid in the title, but his description of what the Israeli government is doing in the Palestinian territories is accurate.


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