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Spring Confessional

I can't believe that baseball season is about to start.  I've been distracted by other sports -- the Celtics, Final Four, and Patriots offseason moves.  I'm still optimistic about the future of the Celtics (and praying that they get the first pick in the college draft).  The Final Four is always compelling, and this year any of the four teams are good enough to win.  The Patriots have been much more aggressive than usual in the offseason.  They have to be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl again.

But baseball was always my first love in sports.  Now for the confessional.  I'm a Yankees fan.  This won't surprise people who know me, but many people who meet me assume I'm a Red Sox fan because I'm such a big sports fan of other Boston teams.  But, I grew up in Western Mass (Longmeadow).  In Western Mass, there were a lot of NY sports fans, including Yankee fans.  Thanks to my older brother, I grew up a Yankee fan.  And, in the early 70s when I really got into sports, the Yankees were horrible.  But, I stuck with them.  Steinbrenner bought the team and started spending money (he hasn't stopped).  They've always been interesting, and, of course, they've won quite a bit over the years.

Now with the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry in full swing, it's actually fun to be a Yankee fan in Boston.  I love going to Fenway Park, and can enjoy the rivalry from the enemy's point of view.  Since the Red Sox came back against the Yankees and won the World Series in 2004 (as the NY Post said, "Hell Freezes Over"), the rivalry has toned down a bit.  And the Red Sox are spending money about as fast as the Yankees.  It's more fun when both teams are champions, but the Red Sox fans still need to get over their persecution complex.

It bugs me to see the Yankees Suck paraphernalia outside Fenway (and much of it is much more vulgur).  My kids don't need to see this when we go to a game.  You don't see this in NY.  Yankees expect to win.  Red Sox fans should expect the same these days.  Have some class.

Anyway, that's all part of the rivalry.  Still proud to be a Yankee fan.  Their starting pitching worries me this year, but I am sure they'll be in the mix for the Division title and in the playoffs.

By the way, MLB.com has great online content.  You can watch games on MLB.TV, listen to radio broadcasts, watch highlights, get updates and audo on your cell phone, and can also buy highlights on iTunes.  Between that and DirecTV's MLB Extra Innings, I should be watching a lot of baseball this year.  Not to mention my son's Fantasy Baseball obsession...

Play Ball!


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