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Hook Mobile

Another company I have been advising is Hook Mobile.  I've been tracking this company for more than a year.

Hook is banking on the acceptance of collectible and unique mobile content.  Think of various offline models like trading cards, collect-to-win games, card games (like Magic the Gathering) where there are unique and valuable cards.  Hook believes that all of these models will move to the mobile phone environment.  Their infrastructure allows carriers and big brands to deploy these types of models in the mobile environment.

Hook has had great traction and interest from big media properties.  For example, Hook enabled a collectible trading card promotion for Survivor.  And, Hook recently announced a deal with Warner Music where they will power a mobile trading card collect and win promotion for rap artist Yung Joc.

I find Hook's application interesting.  As they work with more brands, they hope to refine the user experience and build more awareness for this type of unique content.  If they are successful with this, they will be in the lead to power many interesting mobile marketing programs.


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