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Be careful what you blog

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article about how blogging can help you get a job.  The article also mentions how your blog can be used against you in the interview process.  The article is here (subscription required, but may be available for free).

Russ Glass of Zoominfo is mentioned several times in the article.  Russ writes about how he made an unsolicited job offer to a Product Manager because he was impressed with the candidate's blog.  He also says that he cut short the candidacy of a potential sales person because he found that person's blog offensive.

We are all leaving digital trails in this world.  Hopefully, it reflects well on us and can lead to new opportunities.  But, if you aren't careful, your ranting can cost you a job.  I think that many people would pay for a service that would erase our wild, young digital identity from the Web before we hit the job market.  And, disparaging your interviewer in your blog on the night after the interview is a really, really bad idea.


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