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The Essence of Sports

It was a game that certainly doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things (except to those directly involved).  But, it shows why sports are great to both follow and participate in.

Bedford High School played Lynn Tech in the Quarterfinals of the Division 3 North Massachusetts State Basketball Tournament last night (stories here and here (free registration required)).  Bedford had an amazing comeback.  After falling behind 40-20 at halftime and 48-24 early in the second half, the Bedford boys turned on an amazing effort to come back and win the game going away, 73-65.

What I love about this is that the kids never lost their composure and never gave up.  They kept plugging away, both when things were going poorly in the first half and during the comeback in the second half.  There are a lot of life lessons in here.  You have to remain determined, confident, and focused to get anywhere in life.  We all face setbacks.  It's how you respond to them that's important.

I love following sports because you can see the human drama unfold.  In many ways, you get that more at lower level sports than in the pros.  But, the best pro athletes never lose that great determination to win and always give it their all (think Larry Bird and Tom Brady).  It was great to be there for the game last night.  I don't know any of the participants well, but I got an uplifting feeling just watching them battle back and achieve success.  It was also great to see such great support from Bedford students and residents for a road tournament game.


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