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One of the companies I have been working with is Geezeo.  Geezeo has not yet launched, but you can tell from their web site that they are building a personal finance solution for the Web.  Web 2.0 has changed a lot about both how data can be gathered as well as how users want to interact with this data and with others.  The idea behind Geezeo is that users will want to leverage the Web much more effectively to gather, summarize, and act on their personal financial information.  Geezeo also has some unique ideas on marketing this service to their initial target market and on how to monetize these users (use of the application itself will be free).

The founders of Geezeo are experienced in delivering Web financial solutions and in building partnerships in that space.  They will launch a Beta soon, with a first real product launch later this year.

If you are interested in learning more about Geezeo, let me know.

Geezeo has a blog that has some interesting information about personal finances.

If you want to track this space, there are at least two other start-ups that are doing something similar (although not as well targeted as I think Geezeo will be).



Stay tuned for more on Geezeo in the coming weeks.


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