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At dinner tonight at a local Chinese restaurant, I received the following fortune:

A goal is a dream with a deadline

It reminded me of something I learned long ago about goal setting.  You should set SMARTP goals.  When done right, they really motivate you:

Specific -- Who, What, Where, When, Which, and Why

Measurable -- There should be no debate about whether or not the goal is achieved.

Attainable --It's pointless to set an impossible goal.  It's even demotivating.

Realistic -- Similar to Attainable, but also includes the balance of other commitments and constraints.

Time-based -- Must have a deadline!

Positive -- You feel better if this goal is something you achieve, rather than something you avoid.  "Don't miss our budget targets this quarter" is not a motivating goal.

This was originally SMART (no P) goals, but I liked adding Positive.  I use this rubric all the time to make sure that goals are more than just dreams with a deadline (which is better than dreams without a deadline).

All of this pales in comparison to my all-time favorite fortune:

 You have a tendency to be shy when undressing outdoors.

Yes, I really got that one.  They don't make fortunes like they used to.

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