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Counting on Charlie

I've spent quite a bit of time lately moving around Boston and Cambridge during the business day.  Not having an office means that you get to go to everyone else's office for all the meetings.  Certain days, like today, work out such that taking the T makes sense.  Parking in Boston is expensive, and today's Globe has an article that describes the latest parking rates where you get to the full day rate after about an hour.  The worst is the frustration of driving around Boston and looking for places to park.  If you have 4-5 meetings in the city, as I did today, it's not worth moving around.

So, I've started taking the T into Boston and around Boston more often.  Having a Charlie Card makes it easier.  Surprisingly to this suburbanite, it has worked well.  It's pretty efficient and convenient.  And, I'm saving a bit of greenhouse gas as my car sits in the Alewife garage.  The best part on a nice spring day like today is that you get to walk around the city and enjoy it.


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