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A New Low

Ann Coulter stooped to a new low in a recent speech.  Fox News reports on it here.  You can watch the video on the John Edwards campaign site here.  I'm not advocating that you give money to Edwards's campaign, but that's the first place where I found the actual video.

I hate it when politics stoops to personal attacks.  I think that it turns off voters.  Even staunch conservatives gain nothing by calling candidates 'faggots.'  If she thinks that Edwards is gay, I think that there is clear evidence to the contrary.  If she thinks he is weak-willed and spineless, she could just say that.  To use such a derogative term guarantees that she'll get coverage, but also drags the discussion into the gutter.

I wish that the press had the guts to ignore such hateful speech.  Only then will people like Coulter stop doing this in desperate attempts to call attention to themselves.


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