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18 was more than enough

The Celtics ended their 18 game losing streak last night by beating the Bucks.  Milwaukee has suffered from similar problems as the Celtics, with key players hurt.  But, the Celtics will take any win to end the streak.  They won't be mentioned at the top of SportsCenter again for a while, but being relevant because you lose every game isn't really worth it.

I still think that the Celtics are on the right track.  They aren't as bad as their record and losing streak would indicate.  Losing Paul Pierce to injury forced them to play their young kids too much, and the NBA is still very much a veterans' league.  Look at the Pistons -- experience counts for a lot.

Some people were cheering the Celtics losing streak as they thought it would give them a chance to get a great player coming out of college at the top of the draft, like Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.  But, there are no sure things when you enter the NBA Draft Lottery.  Perhaps Durant won't come out of college yet.  Perhaps the Celtics won't get lucky in the lottery and will end up picking 3rd or 4th.  Maybe one of these players won't be as good in the pros as they are in college (not likely with these two guys, but you never know).

I think that you have to win games whenever you can.  Winning begets winning.  Teaching the Celtics current young players how to win and how to be consistent will help them as much, or more, than another young, talented player.  I'd rather that their current players mature and they send their draft pick to someone else for a very good veteran.  Maybe Danny Ainge thinks so, too.

Meanwhile, the Celtics seem to still fill most of the seats at the Garden and, reportedly, have better TV ratings than last year.  So, most fans must be at least as optimistic as I am.


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