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Fresh start

2007 should be an interesting year.  I am embarking on a new career direction, to be determined.  Maybe I'll stay in venture capital, but I am also considering consulting to start-ups or full-time operating roles.

It's also a time for a fresh start in Massachusetts politics.  Deval Patrick is our new governor.  He seems determined to take a new approach.  I like the fact that he seems to be willing to hold back on some of his promises in the name of fiscal responsibility.  I like his visionary approach, but I hope he can match it with a tight management style.  Massachusetts voters have selected Republican governors for the past 12+ years (Weld, Cellucci, Romney) to balance off the Democratic legislature.  The Republicans have generally been moderates, although Romney is tilting hard right as he runs for President.

I'm hopeful that someone will emerge as a Democratic Presidential candidate who can be just as visionary but still a strong manager.  Bill Clinton, at his best, was able to do this.  He kept the Democratic base in the boat while he maintained fiscal discipline.  I don't think that Hillary is electable as too many Republicans have a strong negative reaction to her.  Perhaps Obama has these qualities, but he seems too inexperienced.  I liked Mark Warner, but he dropped out.  Any other ideas?

I am hopeful that 2007 (and 2008) will be a year of fresh starts.  I'm trying to get a fresh start in blogging, too...


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